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How much is 304 stainless steel pipe Company

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  TISCO was founded in 1934 and is located in Taiyuan, Longcheng on thebank of the Fen River.

  TISCO is a large-scale steel complex integrating iron ore mining and steelproduction, processing, distribution and trading. It is also a global leader in thestainless steel industry, with an annual output of 12 million tons of steel(including 4 5 million tons of stainless steel).

  TISCO takes innovation to lead development, and relies on technologicalinnovation platforms such as the national technology center and the state keylaboratory of advanced stainless steel materials to form a high-efficiency,energy-saving and long-life product cluster focusing on stainless steel, cold-rolled silicon steel, and high-strength and tough series steels. It is used in keyfields and emerging industries such as petroleum, chemical industry,shipbuilding, container, railway, automobile, urban light rail, large powerstation, "Shenzhou" series spacecraft, and more than 20 dual-phase steel,heat-resistant steel, steel for railway industry, axle steel, etc. The domesticmarket share of this variety is the first, more than 30 varieties fill the domesticgap and replace imports.

  TISCO adheres to green development and advocates a conservation, environmental protection, civilized, and low-carbon production and lifestyle. It hassuccessfully implemented dry quenching, coal humidity control, coke oven gas desulfurization and acid production, sintering flue gas desulfurization anddenitrification, and blast furnace gas. Circulating power generation, blast furnace gas residual pressure power generation, saturated steam power generation,steel slag treatment, membrane industrial water treatment, urban domestic sewage treatment, acid regeneration and other energy-saving and environmentalprotection projects, the main energy-saving and environmental protection indicators are at the leading level in the industry.

  Taigang insists on reform and opening up and accelerates transformation and development. Construct resource guarantee bases and steel extension processingbases, and build an internationally competitive upstream and downstream industrial chain; develop new materials, engineering technology, financial services,international trade and other related diversified industries to form new profit growth points; promote international operations, It maintains stable economic andtrade relations with more than 80 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, and maintainsthe first domestic export volume of stainless steel.

  TISCO successively won the "China Industry Award", "Nomination Award of the First Chinese Government Quality Award", "National Quality Award", "NationalAdvanced Unit of Circular Economy", "National Top Ten Independent Innovation", "National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise',"NationalEnterprise with the Most Social Responsibility", "National Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations" , "National Advanced Unit for Corporate CultureConstruction", "National Model Unit for Greening" and other honorary titles.

  We use TISCO raw materials and process the steel raw materials to plate, coil and pipe according to customers required surface, size and thickness.

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